My Philosophy

My Philosophy

If you are a deep thinker, often spending time thinking about this fascinating world in which we live, if you often wonder why things are the way they are, you will probably find this part of my site very interesting. If not, then you will probably wonder what on earth I am going on about!

Before there was Something – Copyright © 2009 Dean Bloom.

Have you ever wondered what there was before anything existed, before there was something?
If there was nothing before there was something, what is nothing?
Is nothing black? If it is, then black is something.
Is nothing empty?
If it is, then what is empty and what is it that is empty?
If a box is empty, then you still have the box, which is something.
Therefore, nothing is something in itself, so in a way, there is such a thing as nothing, only meaning it is something.
Can you get something from nothing? No, nothing cannot create something by itself!
What size is nothing? If you think about nothing as being small, then how small?
If you think about nothing as being large and wide, then how large or how wide?
Wondering about how small or how large, how black or how empty makes you think about something!
There is therefore, no such thing as “nothing”!

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